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January 12, 2023

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline with your Photographer


  1. Start with the ceremony: Determine the start time of the ceremony and work backwards to determine the timeline for hair and makeup, getting dressed, and any pre-ceremony photos.
  2. Plan for the couple’s portrait session: Decide on the location and determine how much time will be needed for transportation and set-up.
  3. Coordinate with the reception: Discuss with your photographer the schedule for the reception, including the start time of the cocktail hour, reception, and any planned events such as speeches or dances.
  4. Communicate with your vendors: Make sure that all vendors involved in the wedding, including the photographer, are aware of the schedule and are able to coordinate with one another.
  5. Be Flexible: Be prepared for unexpected delays or changes to the schedule, and be sure to communicate any changes to your photographer.
  6. Have a shot list: Make sure you have discussed with your photographer the shots you would like on your special day, so that the photographer can make sure to capture them all.
  7. Provide a copy of the timeline to your photographer: Make sure that your photographer has a copy of the timeline so they are aware of when and where they need to be.

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